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    Our core business is to provide advanced logistics
    software applications and services
    to the logistics industry through flexible
    pricing model and time to market strategy.

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About Us

Corporate Mission

To utilize advanced information technologies to assist our customers to enhance their operation efficiency, optimize the information flow along their supply chain and enable them to stay competitive in the global market

Corporate strategy

To be the One-Stop IT solution Provider to cater the specific needs of the logistics industry. We commit to provide a full suite of logistics software that can increase the logistics companies’ internal efficiency and enhance the collaboration with their supply chain partners.


  • Web based platform for multi-national companies with overseas branches and worldwide coverage
  • Designed for efficient management control and workflow management
  • Scalable architecture to support your business expansion
  • Built in Purchase Order Management and Track & Trace capabilities
  • Ready interface with other ERP/Accounting systems like SAP, Flex Accounting, etc.
  • Ready interface with INTTRA, GT-Nexus, eAWB, SMe-plug, and major ocean carriers, etc.
  • Cover inbound and destination workflow with document processing tightly linked with original station / headquarter
  • Seamless business integration with your customers, overseas agents and supplier

  • Designed for companies that need to cater both internal and external needs
  • Web interface for easy access and real time inventory visibility
  • Integrated with our Freight Management System and Purchase Order Management System to enable a seamless flow of information and total control of your supply chain activities
  • Support multi-locations, multi-warehouses and multi-level packages
  • Major functions include: Booking, Stock in, Put-away, Stock out, Re-location, Cycle count, Inspection, Break & Pack, Production log, Serial number & invoicing, and reporting, etc.
  • With Hand held / PDA version for operation convenience and real time visibility

  • Web-based platform for quick implementation and ease of use
  • Major functions include: Order management, Driver management, Truck management and reporting

AI is the cutting edge technology that simulates human thoughts and brain operation to use in software application. DigiLogistics is one of the pioneer in bringing AI technology to the logistics industry in helping to upgrade the IT level of whole industry In year 2003, DigiLogistics has been awarded a contract from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop an AI software called Intelligent Logistics Optimizer (ILO) which is the first of its kind in the world. ILO is a logistics software application that could assist the freight forwarders to arrange the cargo position in the pallets to obtain space optimization and cost efficiency ILO was launched in Year 2004 with over 30 freight forwarders as pilot customers and planning to roll out in Year 2005 to the whole logistics industry in Hong Kong Now we are applying AI technology to other software applications like Warehouse Management System and Decision Support System to assist the logistics companies to maximize their profit margin and have better return on investment

  • Web-Platform communicate with Partners
  • Parcel Manifest Maintenance
  • Real-time Parcel Tracking
  • Status include Accepted, In-Transit, Customs Cleared, Ready for Delivery, Delivered, & Exception
  • Connect over 400 couriers worldwide instantly
  • Full functions API (web-service) are ready for partners connection
  • Customer Specific API

With the practical experiences and domain knowledge, DigiLogistics offers IT Outsourcing service to logistics companies that look for ad hoc IT resources or flexible management of their IT budget.

  • EDI implementation between freight forwarders and carriers, overseas agents and their customers. Recently we have successfully implement the eAWB for many freight forwarders in Hong Kong
  • IT staff outsourcing with flexible pricing model and contract length
  • In house training
  • IT consultancy
  • Hardware and network management

DigiLogistics is your choice!


DigiLogistics is your choice!

  • Remote ERP System & workflow management for logistics industry
  • Major Modules: Air Operation, Ocean Operation and Logistics Operation
  • Simplified, User Friendly Interface & work process for ease of remote access / home office
  • Target Users: Freight Forwarders, Agents & logistics service providers

  • Remote Inventory Control & workflow management for warehouse operators
  • Major Modules: Warehouse Operation, Remote Billing & Inventory Report
  • Target Users: Warehouse Service Providers and 3rd Party Logistics Providers

  • Remote Order Management & Booking System for placing orders, manage shipment document and Supply chain partners collaboration
  • Major Modules: On-line E-Booking, Shipping Document & Purchase Order Management
  • Target Users: Logistics Service Providers, Buyers / Shippers & trading firms

  • Remote Sales Team Management
  • Target Users: Companies that needs to expand business, efficiently manage their sales team and provide better customer service

  • Mobiles Apps Applications to replace desktop version of various logistics software applications, e.g. Inventory Control, Shipment Tracking & Trace, Truck Operation Management and X-Ray Screen Control

  • Design, Implement, Support and Maintain a secure cyber infrastructure for company staff and/or trading partners to communicate remotely and effectively

Why choose us

DigiLogistics has the confidence and capability to serve to your company because we process the following strength:

Why to choose us

We process a strong technical team with specialized skill-set and in-depth knowledge that are required to serve the logistics industry. Our technical capability is further strengthened through serving many renowned international companies and niche logistics service providers. In addition, we are very responsive to our customers demand and have continued to upgrade our service standard throughout the past years. For example, we have started to offer 24 hours technical support to our customers that worked night shift or have overseas branches to operate.

As stated in the previous section, we have solid experience and a lot of very pleased customers in the transport and logistics industry. Our customers are satisfied not only because we have the right software applications, but also because we have good quality after sales service / maintenance support and continuous product upgrade.

We understand that the logistics companies are under very strong competitive pressure to increase their revenue and keep the cost down. Therefore our company has been developing new products that could enhance our customers' operational efficiency and provision of value added services. For example, we have introduced Warehouse Management System that could enable our customers to broaden their service offerings; we have introduced Web-based Freight Management System that could shorten the implementation time and enhance the headquarter control; we have also introduced Air Freight Optimizer to lower the air shipment cost and maximize the profit return.

Our pricing model is very flexible, for example, based on the number of con-current users. The advantage of this pricing model could provide a more affordable price to SMEs, which have relatively less users and smaller in operation scale. On the other hand, our software applications have incorporated the best practice, industrial standard and effective workflow, which enable the SMEs to complete on the same ground with those multi-nationals.

LTo conclude, we have been showing very strong commitment to the logistics industry:

  • Over 90% of our customers are from the logistics sector
  • Our management and technical team are experienced in the logistics field
  • We have been keep on modifying, upgrading our existing products and inventing, developing new application to cope with the dynamic requirement from logistics companies since we established

Our technical and service team includes business analysts, pre-sales support, project managers and software engineers. They all are knowledgeable software technicians that could master the latest software technologies and at the same time have thorough understanding about the characteristics and requirement of the transport and logistics industry. Indeed, more than half of our technicians have over 10 years of experiences in developing logistics software and applications. Our product offerings include a wide range of products that cover basic applications like Documentation system, Accounting system and Track & Trace system. In addition, we provide value added applications like Warehouse Management System, Purchase Order Management System, Truck Operating System and Customer Relationship Management. Furthermore, we also have experience in developing some advanced logistics systems like the web-based logistics systems and Artificial Intelligence System. For example, we have been developing a "Profit Optimization Software" for a top ranked international logistics service provider by utilizing the computer intelligence to assist its decision making and optimization of the profit for its air operation. Our expertise is also well demonstrated in the various sizes of companies we served. We have customers that range from multi-national companies, mid-size to small size niche service providers. Furthermore, we are providing service not only to local companies, but also have service coverage and domain knowledge for project implementation overseas like Mainland China, Asia, Europe and USA.

Some facts about us

100+ Projects completed
25yrs+ Domain knowledge
1000+ Daily users
60+ Cities served

Our Customers